Furnishing Your Home to Create a Holiday Vibe

Furnishing Your Home to Create a Holiday Vibe

  • Critical Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Kids' Bedroom Furniture

    If you are looking to furnish your child's bedroom, chances are you are setting your sights on brightly coloured furniture pieces that will add some fun to the space. However, sticking to your preferred colour scheme is not the only thing that you should bear in mind. Children will have varying bedroom furniture needs as compared to adults, and these needs should guide you through your furniture options. Below are a few factors that you should take into account before you purchase furniture for your kid's bedroom.

  • Types of Custom Furniture Options for Toddlers

    There are a variety of furniture options when it comes to decorating your toddler's room. The problem with many of these options is their size. Most of the options are scaled to fit the average sized toddler with little consideration to the different sizes of children or growth they may face. For example, traditional toddler beds tend to be for an age range from 2 to 4 years old when, in fact, your toddler may have grown out of that.

  • Reasons to Choose Tub Chairs For Your Café Furniture

    When it comes to selecting café furniture, it is not simply about aesthetics. Your choice of seating should also consider the comfort of your patrons, as the longer they stay at your café, the higher the sales you have. One of the types of furniture that is often considered a staple for hotel lobbies and office receptions are tub chairs. However, did you know that these types of chairs would also be a great fit for cafés?

  • Beyond Grilling: Three Ways You Can Use an Old Classic Grill

    Simple classic grills such as the classic Weber grill feature a circular pit for the coals, a simple metal grate and a lid with a variety of ventilation options balanced on a metal frame. If you have one of these old grills lying around or if you find one, you can use that grill for a range of projects. Wondering what to do with your old classic grill? Take a look at these ideas:

  • Why Repaint Your Outdoor Furniture?

    Outdoor furniture is exposed to harsh weather conditions so the appeal and structural integrity reduces with time. Some homeowners opt to replace their weathered patio furniture to restore the beauty of their external living space. However, such a project is costly and time-consuming compared to the repainting alternative. Here are some benefits and reasons for refreshing your old wooden and metal furniture with a new coat of paint. Aesthetics The visual impact of freshly painted features will vary depending on the design choices made.

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    Furnishing Your Home to Create a Holiday Vibe

    Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Kristin, and if I could, I would go on holiday every month. Since that isn't possible, I try to decorate my home so that it feels like a holiday destination. From bistro tables that make my kitchen feel like a French cafe to patio furniture that makes my backyard feel like a Moroccan bath to my luxurious top-notch hotel-like bedroom, I have created a home that always feels like a holiday, and I'm here to help you do the same. I hope my posts provide you with the tips you need to find furniture and other accessories that make your home feel like a holiday. Happy decorating!